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About Us

Our approach is based on two simple points:

Behaviour is affected by a combination of personal and environmental factors.

Personal factors include biology, personality, skills, aptitudes and values. Environmental factors include our upbringing, our relationships and our experience. Often, there is an interaction between the two. This is important to establishing the context for our work and we try to understand what personal and environmental factors are relevant to help people take control over their lives and reach important goals.

Evidence is about more than outcomes.

Evidence is essential for understanding what kind of intervention will help a particular problem. But for evidence to be really compelling, it needs to be based on a clear theory that helps explain what mechanisms of change are being targeted. A particular medicine needs to be clear about the effect it has on the body, and how this then produces the beneficial effect for the patient. It is exactly the same with training, or coaching or consultancy. By evidence based, we need to be clear not just that something works but why it works.

Our Values

Cognacity started the company because they share a vision – to bring the best experts in mental health and performance together, to create interventions that make a meaningful difference to our clients’ lives and businesses and help to optimise health and enhance performance.

To achieve this we:

Act with Integrity

  • We are consistent, open and respectful
  • We believe in science
  • We build trust

Strive for Excellence

  • We strive to be the best
  • We are committed to continuous improvement

Create Expert Teams

  • We bring together specialists in all aspects of human performance
  • We use peoples’ strengths
  • We work as a team

Focus on People

  • Our expertise is people
  • We work by building trust and rapport
  • We treat clients as individuals
About Us January 28, 2016