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6,000 employees have successfully benefited from
Cognacity resilience training over the last 2 years

60 global blue chip companies

Corporate Resilience and Performance Programmes

How we can deliver to you sustainable high performance.

Cognacity understand the pressures that modern workforces face. We apply medical and scientific expertise to help organisations improve people wellbeing to ensure they are fit for the future.

Our measurable programmes for sustainable high-performance and resilience help organisations retain key talent, improve performance, work culture and their bottom line. Our results are quantifiable and demonstrate meaningful positive impact.

Unrivalled team of experts

We have an unrivalled team of experts from the fields of psychiatry and psychology, all of whom have significant experience working in the most challenging of environments. Our skill lies in translating our deep understanding of mental processes into practical, memorable programmes for our clients.

Working closely with Learning and Development professionals, Human Resource professionals and other business stakeholders to ensure each programme is designed to meet an organisation’s unique needs and goals. This enables Cognacity to deliver success both tangibly and intangibly where it matters.

At Cognacity our aim is always to empower individuals and teams to make positive changes which lead to sustainable high-performance. Clients often tell us these lasting changes apply beyond work and into their personal lives. And when your people are in need of extra support our responsive clinical service is there to back you up.

3 Steps to Robust Resilience

Discover where you need to focus

Challenge analysis and short resilience tests

Deliver tailored programme

Resilience/performance workshop
And 21 day challenge and app

Advance improvements and results

After programme resilience tests and results report

Corporate Resilience and Performance Programmes

I learned some key information. A refreshing and totally relevant session, I will take away real tools to implement.

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Cognacity use a cutting-edge risk management tool called Organisation Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB), which allows you to benchmark your company’s risk of stress, burnout and disengagement against established norms. The OHFB is supported by a predictive model that allows for the proactive management of risks for employees, teams and individuals. This allows targeted, evidence-based interventions to be implemented at both organisation or individual level.

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