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Performance Coaching

Our coaching services help people cope with, and respond effectively to, stressful periods or crisis situations, and to maximise performance.

Coaching Offerings

Cognacity uses a flexible and client-centred approach to coaching, based on the specific needs of your organisation. Whether you are looking to improve performance, employee engagement, leadership skills or resilience levels, or to provide support to employees dealing with change, career transition or work-related stress, we can work with you to provide the most effective solution for your team’s current goals.

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Cognacity’s Coaches

Our team of expert coaches and psychologists apply evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioural psychology to deliver sustainable results. We have worked with top performers in law, banking, manufacturing, consulting and various other sectors worldwide. We offer free introductory “chemistry” calls with all of our coaches to make sure the client is comfortable with their approach and style.

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All prices are available upon request. Discounts are available for volume bookings. Please get in touch to discuss your coaching needs (contact details can be found on the following page). We are confident that we can find the right solution for you and your organisation.


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I found the conversation really useful in helping me to see the issues I have day to day in perspective and to make some meaningful inroads into them.


I have made a step change for the better. All in all, a successful project and I think that I have formed a long term habit this time


Overall, there has been some improvement on my side, and definitely some marginal gain.


It really helped to talk at the coaching session and I could do with you every month!


Participants have shown a 20% improvement in vitality and…


…and a 13% improvement in employee relationships.

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Performance Coaching January 28, 2016