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Psychology Of Habits

Why is it so difficult to break our negative or unhealthy habits? The aim of this workshop will be to gain insight and to develop a plan which will help participants to identify unhealthy habits and potential ways to change these.

Session Overview

Most people have good insight, understanding and knowledge about what they have to do to live a healthy and happy life. Yet few people attain their intended behaviours and goals. Equipped with the latest insights from the world of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, participants will:

  • Gain insight into psychology of habit formation.
  • Look at practical ways of instigating habits which lead to better performance and improved health, wellbeing and meaning in life.
  • Develop an understanding of sustaining behaviour change.

Designed for teams of 12-20 delegates, this interactive workshops is delivered in a 3 hour or shorter version.

A refreshing and totally relevant session. I will take away real tools to implement.”

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Psychology Of Habits January 28, 2016