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Dr Alessandro Bruno

Dr Alessandro Bruno is a Medical Doctor specialising in Psychiatry. He works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Eating Disorders at the NHS and also as a private practitioner in London and Oxford. Other areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, psychosis and bipolar affective disorders. Physical comorbidities that often occur in several mental health conditions are another field Dr Bruno is competent and interested in.  He strongly believes in an integrative biopsychosocial approach for psychiatric disorders and in the care delivered by multidisciplinary teams.

Dr Bruno treats psychological conditions and mental illnesses with a comprehensive approach. He uses his experience and expertise in psychopharmacology and psychotherapy to help patients.

Dr Bruno aims to create a partnership with his clients and a safe environment to explore and develop insightful understanding which might help relieve psychological difficulties and bring comfort to patients’ lives. Through empathy, patience, active listening and diligent research, Dr Bruno believes his patient’s desired goals can be achieved. Accurate diagnosis is paramount in psychiatry, and this requires adequate time, in order to develop rapport and understanding.

For treatment, when medically indicated, Dr Bruno may recommend, carefully prescribe and monitor psychotropic medications, across all diagnostic categories (psychopharmacology/pharmacotherapy).

Dr Bruno has remained passionate about research and evidence based practice is a core value in his clinical work as he believes they should inform each other, in order to be truly relevant.

Dr Bruno trained in medicine and psychiatry in Italy where he held a consultant position in general adult psychiatry and community-based rehabilitation. In those years he had a fruitful collaboration with the Institute of Psychiatry at London King’s College.

Dr Bruno consults in English and Italian.

Dr Bruno holds full specialist registration for General Psychiatry with the GMC and is a Specialist Associate of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.