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Dr Matthew Sawa

Dr  Matthew Sawa trained in psychiatry in London, Merseyside, Norfolk and Kent. He currently works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in a busy Home Treatment Team in west London. Prior to that, he worked in a busy inpatient unit in Kent for seven years.

He was awarded, with distinction, Masters Degree in Health Care Education and Management, by Kingston University, London. Dr Sawa has extensive experience of in assessing and managing all major mental illness, such as all degrees of depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, bipolar affective disorder, psychoses  and dual diagnoses (co-existing drug/alcohol misuse and mental disorder).

Dr Sawa uses holistic, compassionate and thorough approach in assessing clients from wide range of backgrounds, including various regions of the UK, gained from his training in various parts of the UK. Dr Sawa has endorsement from the Royal College of Psychiatrist in Rehabilitation Psychiatry and aim is to re-integrate adults of working age back into their lives as soon as possible.

Dr Sawa uses evidence-based treatments, combing them with psycho-social and cultural approaches. Dr Sawa is passionate about the role of diet and healthy life style in preventing and managing mental disorders.