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An organisation’s success is dependent on the
abilities and attributes of their people.

Psychometric Assessments & Training

We believe that people are the greatest asset of any organisation. In the globalised business world, most companies have access to similar information, technology, and resources. This means that people are the biggest source of competitive advantage in any market.

What are Psychometrics?

Individuals differ in their abilities and attributes. This means that different individuals will be more or less suited to a job. By measuring the skills and characteristics that are needed to perform a job effectively, psychometric assessments are key in identifying and developing an organisation’s talent base.

At Cognacity, we believe in using solutions grounded in a solid evidence-base. We use science to evaluate individuals on their abilities, personality, values, job-suitability, and well-being using validated psychometric assessments.

Our team of experts in the field of corporate psychology can work with you to identify and develop your talent. Poor hiring decisions can be extremely costly and detrimental to your organisation’s success. We can help you recruit and hire the best candidates who are well-suited to the job and will thrive in their role. We can also measure the underlying motivators and aspirations of your team, to help develop your talented employees and build effective leaders.

Benefits of Psychometrics

Accurate & Reliable

Psychometric tests make reliable and valid measurements about individual attributes. They can be used to make accurate and useful predictions about your organisation’s talent base – from how a job applicant would perform in a role, to if a current employee is at risk of burnout. In fact, research finds that they can make more accurate predictions than most other traditional methods of employee assessment.

Provide a Wealth of Information

Psychometrics can measure various attributes and information about individuals that are not possible to gather through traditional assessment measures. Psychometrics can measure a wide range of important metrics, from cognitive ability to personality characteristics, motivators and personal values, to current levels of resilience and risk of burnout.

Human personality is complicated, and there is often more to a person than meets the eye. Psychometrics can tap into characteristics that are not visible on the surface, and that cannot be seen by another person. They can also measure attributes that lie at the unconscious level, such as personal values, that an individual may not even be aware of themself.

Fair & Standardised

Psychometric tests are standardised, fair, and only measure the metrics they are designed to. This means that they are not subject to personal biases and subjectivity that may impact decisions during traditional assessment procedures, such as interviews. Psychometrics ensure that each candidate is treated, measured, and assessed in the same way across the board, allowing for valid comparisons to be made across individuals. This means that they can inform decisions that are both accurate and fair.

Efficient & Cost-Effective

Psychometrics can be completed on paper or online, and can be quick and easy to administer. This means that individuals can be efficiently tested from a distance, cutting down on assessment costs. Online tests can also reach a wider range of people, which may be especially useful during job applicant assessment.

Positive Organisation Image

Due to their accuracy, standardisation, and fairness, the use of psychometric tests in employee assessment can promote a positive image about your organisation.

How can we help you?

Using our tailored psychometric solutions, we use psychometric assessments to ensure your organisation is thriving in various different contexts.

Identify Talent:

We can help you select the most suitable candidates for your organisation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to identify the key skills and characteristics required for the role, and select the most effective psychometric tools to assess these.

We are experienced in measuring individuals in various aspects of cognitive ability, personality, and job preferences. Research shows that these assessments are better predictors of future job performance than most traditional methods. We are confident that we will be able to help you put the best person in the right job.

Develop Talent:

We can help you develop your talent pool to reach their full potential. Whether for career coaching, performance appraisals, or leadership development, we can select and measure a wide variety of employee metrics.
Our team of experts can measure individual motivators, drivers, engagement levels, career interests, and preferred work styles. We can use this information to help you manage your talent’s career effectively, so that you are getting the most out of your people – and so that your people are getting the most out of their job!

Manage Employee Wellbeing:

Our resilience experts have vast experience measuring and managing the wellbeing of our corporate clients and their teams. A key component of our resilience training services is the psychometric measurement of employee well-being, resilience, and risk of burnout.

At Cognacity, we take a proactive and preventative approach when it comes to mental wellbeing, so that the appropriate course of action can be taken before conditions get worse. We can measure your teams’ resilience levels to identify high-risk individuals before they burn-out, so that we can get them the support they need.

We also use psychometric measurements to develop and tailor our resilience training to your current needs and organisational culture. This means that every resilience workshop is bespoke to the specific group.

Measure Return on Investment & Create Bespoke Benchmarks:

We at Cognacity are committed to delivering effective and evidence-based services. By measuring your teams both before and after training, we can determine any significant improvements in well-being and resilience levels, as well as the effectiveness of the services we provide. This means that your return on investment can be clearly demonstrated.

Our measurements can also be used to build up a library of talent-related benchmarks specific to your organisation, and the teams within it. This is useful in various work contexts, such as comparing a potential job candidate to existing employees, or comparing the stress levels of different teams across the company. We can use these benchmarks to help you to make effective decisions in managing your talent throughout their careers.

We can also measure the mental health, resilience, and stress-levels of your team. We can identify external factors that may be causing distress or low-performance, so that they can be efficiently managed to ensure that individuals are working in a productive and healthy working environment. We can also identify team members that may be in need of some support before they have reached the point of burn-out. Our psychometric solutions are proactive in identifying and managing barriers to employee health and productivity.

At Cognacity, we work closely with our clients, to tailor our approach and solutions to the specific needs of the client. Our psychometric solutions can ensure that your team is productive and healthy, so that your organisation can thrive and succeed in the competitive business world.

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Cognacity use a cutting-edge risk management tool called Organisation Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB), which allows you to benchmark your company’s risk of stress, burnout and disengagement against established norms. The OHFB is supported by a predictive model that allows for the proactive management of risks for employees, teams and individuals. This allows targeted, evidence-based interventions to be implemented at both organisation or individual level.

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