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We are experts in all aspects of psychological health
and performance in sport.

Sport Psychology Services in London

Performance. Development. Wellbeing.

Cognacity is the leading provider of mental wellbeing and performance services to elite sports in the UK. We have proven track record in delivering evidence-based services across the full range of mental health problems, as well as performance under pressure programmes tailored for elite sportsmen and women. Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists are experts in the field of mental health and performance psychology, especially in the field of sports.

Cognacity offer comprehensive services and expert consultation to individuals, teams and sporting bodies. We focus on sports performance, personal development and psychological wellbeing.

We work on developing psychological skills at different levels.

  • Core Sport Psychology Skills
  • Individual Performance Development Skills
  • Team Development Skills

Elite Sports Confidential Counselling

We provide sporting organisations with a 24/7 confidential service, with rapid access to our national team of psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors.


Mental Health Awareness Workshops

These workshops are designed to improve understanding of mental health problems, the impact they can have on all areas of performance, how to recognise these problems and how to access appropriate help.

Resilience Workshops

Our core resilience skills workshop uses the latest in cognitive behavioural science to help elite sportsmen and women perform effectively under pressure and to handle stress effectively.

Elite Performance Consulting

This is a particular area of Cognacity’s expertise, helping individuals and elite teams to
implement necessary performance processes to achieve excellence and success.

We support and consult to 14 team and individual sports in the UK from advising on policy to helping individuals.

Sport Confidential Counselling Service – our 24/7 helpline. UK: 01482 638 828, outside the UK: +44 1373 858080

Cognacity were honoured to be the on call Psychiatric Specialists for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.


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