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Active Mindfulness: Thriving In The Information Age

Active Mindfulness Training Overview

Increased mindfulness has been linked with better workplace performance, health and wellbeing. This workshop teaches participants practical mindfulness skills, to help them do more than just survive the Information Age, but to thrive.

Session Outline

Today’s relentlessly busy work environment places considerable demands on all of us to adapt. Mindfulness skills have been shown to boost, presence, focus and wellbeing. In this workshop participants will:

  • Explore where they need to adapt to the Information Age
  • Identify the cognitive biases that result from living life on autopilot
  • Learn 3 practical mindfulness skills
  • Learn to think and act in a way that helps them thrive

Designed for teams of 12-20 delegates, this interactive workshops is delivered in a 3 hour or shorter version.

Everyone will benefit from this.


participants would recommend the Active Mindfulness workshop to colleagues.

Active Mindfulness: Thriving In The Information Age January 28, 2016