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Occupational Psychiatry Services

Mental health problems costs the UK economy around £15.1 billion per annum in workplace absenteeism. ‘Presenteeism’ (lost productivity while at work) accounts for 1.5 times as much loss again and is a vital concern for those in safety critical roles or leaders in the business world who need to be ‘at the top of their game’.

Aside from the economic burden, we know that workplace mental health problems cause distress to employees and their colleagues, take up management time, impact on morale and team dynamics, and can lead to the loss of valuable trained staff.

Cognacity’s team of mental health experts, led by Dr Amy Iversen, one of the UK’s leading Occupational Psychiatrists, have specific expertise and understanding about the relationship between work and mental health.

Our Occupational Psychiatry team works with organisations and individuals providing a range of expert occupational support and advice.

Working with employees, line managers, Human Resources, and Occupational Health providers we provide:

  • comprehensive mental health assessments on employees
  • accurate diagnosis, prognosis, treatment advice & onward management informed by current NICE guidance and by other emerging high quality evidence
  • detailed reports focused on occupational functioning.
  • holistic care which protect & support employees and their companies
  • advice to organisations on challenging employees
  • medico-legal reporting to organisations for employment tribunals
  • pre-recruitment / promotion psychometric assessment
  • organisational consultancy on psychological wellbeing programmes

Our service stands out because we understand the economic and personal costs of long term sickness absence and the impact of poor mental health on performance and business. Our ultimate aim is the return of well people to the workplace, who will be able to add value to your business.

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Occupational Psychiatry Services February 17, 2016