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Resilience Workshop: Performing Under Pressure

Cognacity’s core resilience skills workshop uses the latest in cognitive behavioural science to help participants perform effectively under pressure. Applicable to both leaders and frontline staff, we show participants how to work sustainably at an optimal level, deal with pressure and recover from setbacks.

Resilience Training Overview

  • How the mind functions under pressure
  • What resilience is and what it isn’t
  • Stress: the downside of pressure
  • A 4-point plan to develop resilience and improve performance under pressure

Designed for teams of 12-20, this interactive workshop can be delivered in either a full day, half day or 2 hour format.

Following our workshops, businesses have reported a 17% improvement in employee engagement levels with workshop participants seeing a 20% reduction in overall risk of stress-related ill-health.


Participants have shown a 20% reduction in employee-related stress.


Of our clients would recommend us to a friend/colleague.

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Resilience Workshop: Performing Under Pressure January 28, 2016